This is Our Earth! A fantasy collaboration

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Jul 21 2009 07:33 am

Hey guys!

I'm really feeling good about this collab, and I can't wait for the pages to start coming. ^^ Keep up the awesome work, guys! Thanks for showing interest in TOE! Oh yeah, that's the official abbreviation for This is Our Earth!, "TOE."

Oh, and anyone who still needs ideas for more characters, we're a little low on Anti-Human spirit characters. It's kinda cool how everyone made most of the human character Anti-Human, while the spirits are Pro-Human, hahaha. New authors, get those Anti-Human spirits coming! xD

Do your best, everyone! :D Good luck!


Lemon Cake, Jul 23 2009 07:12 pm

xD That's amazing

lazy_kitsune, Jul 24 2009 09:18 am

I know, I didn't even plan it. xD

DanaBoBana, Jul 27 2009 08:50 pm

TOE is easy to remember! X3

lazy_kitsune, Jul 30 2009 06:17 am

Haha, yes! It was a lucky choice for a title!! xD

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