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Jul 15 2009 03:16 am

First News! Yay!

Hey guys! I hope you're reading this, hahaha.

Anyways, welcome everyone, and thank you so much for joining! :D I'm really excited to see the rest of the characters you come up with!

I realized that there should probably be a sort of leader for the Pro and Anti sides.They should be some sort of god class spirits. Any takers? ^^; If anyone wants to design them, it'd be really nice! Whoever designs them will still be able to make their own 3 characters.

I'd only like a design for the leaders of the sides because I think it would be more fun if everyone got to contribute to their personalities. Let's share our creativity, yes? :3


ZachLight, Jul 15 2009 09:26 pm

nah....sorry, i'm not a good detailist is god like count me out....

Lemon Cake, Jul 16 2009 01:06 am

<w< I could probably give it a shot! I'll throw the sketches up on deviantart later.

DanaBoBana, Jul 16 2009 03:58 am

I'd like to try to design a few, though I wouldn't be able to control them cause I'm not a good leader... I just love designing characters and sharing my ideas ^_^

lazy_kitsune, Jul 16 2009 05:29 am

It's alright, Zach.

Lemon Cake and Dana, you two can design some and then we can have a vote when you're done! :D

suzume5245, Jul 19 2009 01:05 pm

OH OH OH! Can i doodle some for the Anti-Human?

lazy_kitsune, Jul 20 2009 07:16 am

Feel free Suzume! We'll all have a vote later when we get all the designs. ^^

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