This is Our Earth! A fantasy collaboration

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Dec 24 2009 12:55 pm

Merry Christmas

Have a nice Christmas everyone, and a New Year too.

Sep 01 2009 11:37 am

Forum is up! :D

Post away, my friends!

Sep 01 2009 06:01 am

The Spirit Leaders

I feel like they've been totally forgotten, hahaha. Well anyway, I had an idea, since there are only 3 designs available, one would be pro-human, one would be anti-human, and the other would be neutral.

So, Danabobana's Sky Spirit design will be the Pro-human leader, Suzume's Plant/Earth Spirit design will be the Anti-human leader, and Lemon Cake's Sea King Spirit design will be the neutral leader who helps either side whenever it has benefits. I just thought that Sky vs. Earth with Sea in the middle would be cool.

What do you guys think? Feel free to comment your opinions! ^^

Aug 08 2009 04:48 am

New Procedure Rule!!

Okay, so I got an idea about how to go about this comic. I figured if we kept introducing characters in one scene, we'll run out of ideas quickly, so I decided that there will be a maximum of 7 characters presented at a scene.

Don't get it? Say that a scene started with Dr. Hart. Then there was Seymour and Loki introduced, then Yossarian, Janus, and Sully, and then Vel. After Vel's introduction, no more new characters are allowed to be introduced into the scene, unless it's a huge battle, or some of the presented characters aren't really playing a big part. For example, Sully isn't really a part of Dr. Hart and Loki's battle, so he can be replaced with Seion, who got involved in the battle.

If you want to introduce your characters, and there are already 7 present, then you can start your own scene, as long as it doesn't overlap with the scene already going on. It can only overlap if we're moving towards a final battle.

Ask questions if you don't understand, and feel free to comment to add to this rule!

Jul 21 2009 07:33 am

Hey guys!

I'm really feeling good about this collab, and I can't wait for the pages to start coming. ^^ Keep up the awesome work, guys! Thanks for showing interest in TOE! Oh yeah, that's the official abbreviation for This is Our Earth!, "TOE."

Oh, and anyone who still needs ideas for more characters, we're a little low on Anti-Human spirit characters. It's kinda cool how everyone made most of the human character Anti-Human, while the spirits are Pro-Human, hahaha. New authors, get those Anti-Human spirits coming! xD

Do your best, everyone! :D Good luck!

Jul 15 2009 03:16 am

First News! Yay!

Hey guys! I hope you're reading this, hahaha.

Anyways, welcome everyone, and thank you so much for joining! :D I'm really excited to see the rest of the characters you come up with!

I realized that there should probably be a sort of leader for the Pro and Anti sides.They should be some sort of god class spirits. Any takers? ^^; If anyone wants to design them, it'd be really nice! Whoever designs them will still be able to make their own 3 characters.

I'd only like a design for the leaders of the sides because I think it would be more fun if everyone got to contribute to their personalities. Let's share our creativity, yes? :3

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